CrossCheck Oil Analysis

CrossCheck® Oil Analysis is an integral part of your equipment’s predictive maintenance program. Oil Analysis provides you the tools to alert you to conditions that lead to premature equipment failure or production losses. CrossCheck is ideal for analyzing compressor oils, circulating fluids, hydraulic oils, heat transfer fluids, natural gas engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, turbine oils, passenger car engine oils, and heavy duty diesel engine oils.

CrossCheck is available in three service levels depending on your needs:

  • CrossCheck® Basic provides general information regarding your fluid condition. This program is for the user that does not go beyond finding out if the product condition is suitable for continued use.
  • CrossCheck® Standard provides all appropriate Basic Program testing as well as additional monitoring of wear metal and more in-depth evaluation of the product’s physical condition. With the addition of ICP Elemental, it is an excellent test for monitoring wear trends, product components and certain contaminant levels.
  • CrossCheck® Industrial goes beyond the Basic and Standard Program and includes more in-depth particulate analysis; used to determine fluid cleanliness and particulate matter in hydraulic and turbine systems, automatic transmissions, and compressors, etc.

For more information, download our CrossCheck Information Sheet here.