SynGard Synthetic All-Season Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Oil

Product Description

Most construction and farm equipment is operated year-round in a variety of conditions that can cause the equipment to break. SynGard™ Fully Synthetic All-Season Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Oil keeps construction and farm equipment running like it was designed, with lubricating fluids that prevent rust, oxidation, foaming, and thermal stability. SynGard’s Full Synthetic All-Season Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Oil is an all-weather Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO). This Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Oil protects construction and farm equipment in a variety of conditions. It also meets the rigorous demands of farm tractors, construction equipment and logging equipment where a single fluid services the transmission, wet clutch, wet brake, power steering, and final drives for two-wheel and four-wheel equipment.

Crafted from premium synthetic base oils and using a state-of-the-art OEM-approved additive package, SynGard All-Season Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission OIl:

  • Protects gears via Extreme Pressure (EP) additives
  • Inhibits rust, corrosion, and foaming while aiding in water tolerance
  • Promotes proper frictional control for wet brakes and clutches
  • Mixes safely with all OEM fluids
  • Eliminates chatter common with many fluids
Product SKU Size Product Name
590531 1/275 Gal All-Season THF J20D
592894 1/5 Gal All-Season THF J20D
592886 1/55 Gal All-Season THF J20D
590944 Bulk All-Season THF J20D
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