SynGard Global CVT Fluid

Product Description

Chain and belt driven CVT transmissions demand a lubricating fluid that provides the ultimate protection while transferring power efficiently. SynGard™ Global CVT Fluid is a full synthetic product designed to service most foreign and domestic vehicles equipped with a CVT and sold in the United States.

Engineered from premium synthetic base oils, SynGard:

  • Provides anti-shudder performance
  • Extends service life
  • Is suitable for both chain and belt CVT transmissions
  • Resists oxidation via synthetic components
  • Mixes safely with all OEM fluids
  • Provides proper frictional control for special CVT transmission requirements
Product SKU Size Product Name
590469 1/55 Gal CVT Transmission Fluid
590477 1/275 Gal CVT Transmission Fluid
590400 6/1 Qt CVT Transmission Fluid
589986 Bulk CVT Transmission Fluid
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