SynGard Fleet Engine Oil

Product Description

SynGard™ Fleet Engine Oils are formulated from premium synthetic base stocks and state-of-the-art additives to provide exceptional fleet engine oils for over-the-road, agricultural, logging, and industrial engines. Approved by all major OEM engine manufacturers, SynGard Fleet Engine Oils are a significant performance upgrade over all previous API categories.

SynGard Fleet Engine Oils will stay in grade for over long periods of time. SynGard Fleet Engine Oils are compatible with virtually all current diesel fuels and also provide:

  • Full film lubrication at operating temperatures
  • Low temperature flow properties for startup and cold weather use
  • Outstanding soot control for EGR engines
  • Exceptional engine cleanliness
  • Anti-wear properties, oxidation control, and friction control

SynGard Fleet Engine Oils are available in the following viscosity: SAE 0W-40, SAE 5W-40.

Product SKU Size Product Name
591517 Bulk SAE 0W-40 CK-4/SN
587198 1/5 Gal SAE 5W-40 CK-4/SN
501932 1/6 Gal SAE 5W-40 CK-4/SN
587219 1/55 Gal SAE 5W-40 CK-4/SN
590055 1/275 Gal SAE 5W-40 CK-4/SN
592878 6/1 Qt SAE 5W-40 CK-4/SN
590741 4/1 Gal SAE 5W-40 CK-4/SN
587180 Bulk SAE 5W-40 CK-4/SN
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