SynGard Fleet Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid

Product Description

SynGard™ Fleet Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid is engineered from premium synthetic base stocks to provide exceptional performance in severe operating conditions. SynGard Fleet Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid is ideal for use in most heavy duty automatic transmissions offering outstanding gear shifting and power transfer performance including heavy duty pickup trucks, commercial vehicles and trucks, emergency vehicles, off-road and on-road highway vehicles, municipal fleets, vans, and school buses.

SynGard Fleet Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid is 100% synthetic with a high viscosity index and provides:

  • Excellent shear stability
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Resistance to foaming
  • Excellent low-temperature flow properties
  • Thermal and oxidation stability

Martin Lubricants recommends SynGard™ Full Synthetic Fleet Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid for use in transmissions requiring a fluid comparable to those meeting Allison TES 668 and TES 295 specifications. While this product is compatible with both TES-668 and TES-295 specifications, please note that it is not certified by Allison Transmission under either specification, which may affect warranties offered by Allison Transmission.

Product SKU Size Product Name
590389 1/4.8 Gal Fleet HD ATF
501931 1/6 Gal Fleet HD ATF
590354 1/55 Gal Fleet HD ATF
590362 1/275 Gal Fleet HD ATF
590397 4/1 Gal Fleet HD ATF
590240 Bulk Fleet HD ATF
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