SynGard Synthetic ATF+4®

Product Description

SynGard™ Synthetic ATF +4 is a ultra-premium, full synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed exclusively for vehicles manufactured by the FCA USA LLC.  SynGard ATF+4 protects the transmission under a variety of operating conditions.

Crafted from premium synthetic base oils, SynGard Synthetic AFT+4:

  • Features a special friction modifier for smooth shifting
  • Extends transmission life and prevents fluid breakdown at higher temperatures
  • Protects transmission gears and allows them to operate smoothly
  • Provides excellent oxidative stability under severe conditions
  • Is fully licensed by the Chrysler Corporation for vehicles requiring any version of ATF+ or 7176 transmission fluid
Product SKU Size Product Name
501070 1/6 Gal ATF+4
500634 1/55 Gal ATF+4
500955 4/1 Gal ATF+4
500631 12/1 Qt ATF+4
595243 Bulk ATF+4
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