SynGard Drivetrain Fluid TO-4M

Product Description

SynGard™ Drivetrain Fluid TO-4M is engineered from premium base stocks for use in transmission, final drive, and hydraulics. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern machinery, SynGard Drivetrain Fluid TO-4M Drivetrain Fluid TO-4M contains higher frictional characteristics that are ideal for use in Caterpillar TO-2 and TO-4 applications in logging and construction equipment as well as Allison Powershift Transmissions where C-3 or C-4 fluids are recommended.

SynGard Drivetrain Fluid TO-4M is formulated to prevent the formation of rust and sludge throughout the system and prevents the corrosion of copper and brass. Additionally, SynGard Drivetrain Fluid TO-4M Drivetrain Fluid TO-4M provides:

  • Improved oxidation resistance
  • Excellent thermal stability for high temperature operation
  • Protection against gear scuffing and scoring via extreme pressure additives
  • Resistance to foaming
  • Specific frictional control per OEM specifications
Product SKU Size Product Name
589100 Bulk Drivetrain TO-4M SAE 10W-30
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